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Frequently updates and config programs are found in this latest news folder.
- Consult thdocument "LinTronic, Inspiration" to be inspired and know more.

- The TT455-RT-238 HW7 technical manual (Arduino mega2560)

- The HC-12 long-range 433 MHz RF transceiver
- The HC-22 BLUETOOTH 5.0 transceiver

Technical manuals, Application Notes

All documentation is located here.
If you download all, unzip and save into "c:\LinTronic\Configurator SQL\Documents\"
then documents can easily be searched by a search tool in the Configurator | Documents.

Latest firmware
TT455-RT-238 Hardware Version 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

Latest firmware is included in the Configurator from version

and found in folder: c:\LinTronic\Configurator SQL\Firmware\




In order to obtain technical support from me, a donation is required.
Your donation help us to continue firmware updates.


For technical support, write to me or visit the public facebook discussion group.


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