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A LicenseKey is required to operate the Windows Configurator program.

The LicenseKey, which is personal and your financial support for the continued development, is based on your email.

Step 1
Download and install
the Configurator.

Step 2
Generate your LicenseCode based on your email.

Step 3
Email your personal LicenseCode to:

If your email is already registered as a LicenseKey owner, then you will receive a LicenseKey free of charge.

If you are a new user (your email is not already LicenseKey registered with us) then please send your LicenseKey donation via Paypal.

Step 4
We will typically return your LicenseKey within 24 hours. Please do not contact us to speed this up. We already work as fast as we can and serve first in, first out.

Enter the returned LicenseKey into the Configurator.


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