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LinTronic, Denmark

Updated 20. February 2024


February 2024:
We are soon coming out with a TT455-RT-238 
replacement based on an Arduino Mega with more functionality. Prototype and software is current being tested. We will release in the very near future.

Check out this technical manual and contact me if you are interested.

Also you might be inspired or learn more by reading  my
answers to customers emails/comments.

 was moved to these pages.

Since 2003 I have produced more than 17.000 pieces of the TT455-RT-238 Signal Converter and sold into 700+ cities in more than 60 countries. The overall customer satisfaction was outstanding 98%.

Over the last couple of years, I have received requests for a range of
products that would need a lot of investigation and development costs: Bluetooth, wifi, Zigbee, Z-wave, support for Philips Hue, Ikea, Google, Alexa, etc. If we were to add everything the product would become quite expensive. 

Unfortunately the corona consequences and the worldwide shortage of electronic components and micro-processors, as well as black-market components with bad quality, forced me to put lintro on hold and close servers in order to reduce expenses and temporarily stop the production/selling of our products.

I dont know when or if, LinTronic will be back in business.

In the mean time, I want to keep supporting the many LinTronic customers by maintaining software for the TT455-RT-238 Signal Converter and the Windows based Configurator program, so I moved all technical support to these pages.

If you want technical support, then please offer a donation via Paypal and then contact me about your request for support.

Also you might want to join the public facebook discussion group.

Best regards,

LinTronic, Michael Lindgaard
Owner, General Manager

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